Ccli Agreement

Song Editing The following activities are prohibited under the terms of the license agreement: Edit or modify the text, melody or basic character of a song that falls under the copyright license. The use of software and the corresponding documentation of this website is subject to the terms of a software licensing agreement between you and CCLI. You must read the license agreement and indicate your consent to the preconditions for installing or using the software. All rights, titles and interest that are not expressly granted are reserved. To the extent that an agreement between you and CCLI expressly provides for something else, all information and software is provided on this website without any explicit or tacit guarantees, including, but not limited to, tacit guarantees of accessibility, adequacy to a purpose or non-counterfeiting. I hope this will clarify what the CCLI license does and does not cover. If you have any other questions, you can check out the CCLI support page in The FAQ/Knowledge Base section covers a wide range of frequent questions and copyrights. Your SongSearch tool helps you determine if a song or copyright owner is covered by the license. Your clip video helps offer short tutorials on different topics. You can also call us at 1-800-234-2446 and press `4` for customer service. I found the customer service staff very helpful. Chris, that`s what you have to read.

Do these licenses cover the use of streaming services like Spotify? Not the content played (music itself), but the real service/software from Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, etc. Or could you accept this seller licensing agreement that states that their service cannot be used as the rule of law in a (commercial) ecclesiastical environment? With CCLI SongSelect, available at, it`s easy to validate the participation of a song or catalog in the program. You can`t do that with a ccli license. The standard ccli license allows you to do very little. Honestly, as someone working in the development of church websites, readers don`t want to listen to music when they encounter a site, they want to walk around and find the information they want, then take action or continue. All conditions apply only if the license is active. If the license is not renewed, all rights on the expiry date will be terminated and all copies of songs made under the license agreement will have to be destroyed. If you have any questions or would like more information about copyright licensing, please contact the customer service that I would like to publish on our website as the 25 best songs by Christian artists so that people can listen to them while looking at information on our website about the type of license we need. We already have several different types of ccli licenses, but we just wanted to know if it would cover us or if we need more. I don`t want us to be in legal trouble, just for the music on our site. Thank you.

Probably try to contact CCLI to find out. The following requirements are the responsibility of the licensee in accordance with the provisions of the copyright licensing agreement. We will use songs from Christian CD artists for our services. We do not accept the services, but we will assign responsibility if a person turns the service with an iPhone and puts online without our knowledge All rights that are not shown here are reserved for and for the benefit of the copyright owner.