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In developing this glossary, the working group gathered the views and input of as wide a range of views as possible within industry, trade and government agencies and organizations to develop an international audit standard that would be accepted in as broad a area as possible. A total agreement becomes rare, if not,… For more information, please send the URL and a screenshot of the page to help it! 2.1 – What is “help” in the sense? Messaging and display settings are set separately. The email settings are set via your dashboard – – and the display settings are set via the De KudoZ list page – To solve a question you asked to assign the points to the answer you found most useful, you must first get the consent of the respondent to whom the points were given. You and the sponsor must express this agreement either to the assigned moderators or through a request for support. Wikiwords is a collaborative project to create a dictionary of all terms in all languages with definitions and sample sentences. For more information on this initiative, click here: users may hide certain types of KudoZ points from their summary of this page: The article of several responses systematically does not conform to the rule (hidden answers are included in this census). The concealment of a disapproval response and the new posting of the same response (i.e. the “cleansing” of negative peer comments) discolor the rule .

The concealment of an erroneous answer (including with disagreements) and the position of another answer are valid, unless this happens systematically. No no. KudoZ points are only collected if one of your answers to a KudoZ question is selected by the questionnaire or automatically by the system on the basis of a peer agreement.