Das Quality Assurance Agreement

The National It Directive and Procedure No. 107-004-030 requires IT projects that meet certain criteria to use iQMS. This page contains useful information for the planning, acquisition and management of iQMS and applies to executive agencies under the supervision of OSCIO. Statewide QA Program Guidance 2: Portfolio in IndependentQuality Management Services (iQMS) In the Oregon State Government, independent quality management services (iQMS) are often referred to as independent quality assurance services (iQA Services). ying.k.kwong@oregon.gov If you have any questions or need help, please contact the SAQ National Program: Since December 2018, there are 13 contractors who organize national master price and services (MPSAs) that authorize iQMS. As a general rule, iQMS is awarded to a large IT project under an employment contract (WOC). The WOC is based on the iQMS working statement (SOW) and support annexes, with individual sewing being specific. The relevant documents are as follows: Large IT projects that meet certain criteria are required to use the iQMS of an independent SQ contractor. Typically, this means that the project uses a contractor who holds a Master Price and Services Agreement (MPSA) that specifically authorizes iQMS. The correct use of the iQMS work statement (SOW) is an important aspect of obtaining iQMS. For more information, see Statewide QA Program Guidance 3: Use of the QA SOW See Statewide QA Program Guidance 1: IT Projects that need iQMS Statewide QA Program Guidance 4: iQMS Deliverable Process MPSA WOC SOW.

For each WOC, this SOW must be customized with guidance 3 (see section D) as an input. .