Department Of Interior Telework Agreement

In addition, you should be aware that telework agreements need to be reviewed every year. Employees receive a renewal notification from DOI 30 days before their telework contract expires. If staff do not renew the telework contract or if the contract is not approved by administrative officials, employees receive an email generated by the system seven days before the telework agreement expires. If staff do not have an approved telework contract within one year, staff receive an additional warning to launch a telework agreement. When the one-year mark expires, employees will only be able to telework when an approved telework agreement has been reached through the Microsoft Office 365 Telework Agreement Form. We hope everyone will be well and healthy. As part of the response to the COVID 19 pandemic, all federal authorities have been ordered to maximize telework for federal staff (including, where appropriate, mandatory telework) while covering critical labour needs. We understand that not everyone is aware of the abundance of information and instructions available on the OPM website. As a result, Telework Resources for the Federal Community summarizes some of the resources available on that you might find useful if we can navigate through these unprecedented times. OPM has created a website ( dedicated to covid-19 guidelines, including a recent Coronavirus Fact Sheet containing additional instructions and answers to frequently asked questions about evacuation payments during a pandemic health crisis. Objective: this checklist of self-certification aims to assess the overall safety of the alternative workstation of all teleworkers.

Any staff member with an approved telework agreement must read and complete this checklist. Employees who receive a renewal notice should speak with their supervisor and confirm that the details of the telework agreement are current. When employees request a central telework agreement (i.e. telework on a periodic and planned basis), they must certify with their supervisor that the co-worker has not changed.