Is Rent Agreement A Valid Address Proof For Driving License

In the Aadhaar Self Service Update portal, you can easily update your address online by specifying one of the documents that UIDAI treats as a valid form of proof of address. A valid proof of address is your rental agreement. […] Address vouchers such as Aadhaar card, voter card, etc. If you do not live at your permanent address, the water/electricity bills for your current residence should do so. […] For minor applicants, a copy of the parents` passport may be presented as proof of residence. The Aadhaar card can also be obtained for minors, so it is good to get Aadhaar cards for children as soon as possible. In Ration cards, the names of all family members can be updated, which is also a valid ID or proof of address. A certificate of address with the student`s photo issued by any state-recognized educational institution can be used as a valid address document. […] provide the tenant with a copy of their proof of identity and valid proof of address. It is advisable to collect a copy of the previous rental agreement with this […] Each authority/organization has its own list of valid address proof documents and its own reasons.

Some banks accept electricity bills as proof of address. […] Application form. As in most other cases, you must provide copies of your ID card and an address proof containing the Aadhaar card, the electoral card, the PAN card, the rental contract (registered), etc. But apart from […] Why is the GPL-Passbook not accepted as proof of address? When an NRI wishes to open the account before going abroad, a copy of the employment contract, the university letter, the contract text or another document may be received as proof of the postal address, provided that the address on the application form and the address on the file are identical. Passbook, issued by a courier or bank with the applicant`s photo and address, can be used as proof of the address if the account is currently in service and the address must correspond exactly to the address you provided to an authority. You can create and submit an affidavit wherever it is accepted. But few departments can`t accept it. To obtain a driver`s licence (DL), you must be over 18 years of age and know the driving. In addition, the applicant must be aware of the general transportation system, signs, rules and rules.

The permanent driver`s licence is issued by the office of the (civilian) sub-responsible in the area of your home for non-commercial vehicles and by the DTO office for commercial vehicles. There are three things you should keep in mind when contacting UIDAI online or offline to change the address of your Aadhaar card. The question is now being asked. What documents can be used as valid address proofs? The LPG bill is accepted in a small number of cases. Each authority/organization has its own list of valid address proof documents, as well as its own reasons. Some banks accept electricity bills as proof of address. After successfully checking the above documents at the RTO, an official will issue you an international driver`s license.