Keke Napep Hire Purchase Agreement Form Pdf

2. The owner delivered the vehicle mentioned to the tenant and allowed the tenant to use the vehicle mentioned in the usual manner. There are places Keke shouldn`t be. For example, the government has just stopped the operation of Keke napep in Abuja`s municipal councils. In some countries, tricycles are not allowed in some places. He therefore chose a path that did not conform to the established rules. And it will also generate a lot of money, because a lot of passengers are available to transit. A new keke is now about #700,000 and it is rent-purchase about 1.2 million depending on the location. The first-year student is between #350,000 #400,000 and the rental-purchase between #700,000 and #800,000 13. The parties hereafter acknowledge that the agreement has been fully declared to them, that they have understood the importance of all the clauses in this agreement and that they have signed this agreement with full understanding of the commitments made to it. The entrepreneur will give the keke twice or more of the price he bought to make a profit.

And the buyer accepts the terms because he doesn`t have much money to buy directly from the keke merchants. Payment terms can be weekly, nocturnal or monthly. The best option is weekly if you don`t want stories. If you have up to 3 keke tricycke in a year, you would have saved 1m stress-free. 9. If the rent is set by the tenant or landlord in accordance with point 6, the tenant must immediately return the vehicle to the landlord at the tenant`s expense. The determination of the hiring as such does not affect or affect the landlord`s claims against the tenant because of arrears or damages for violation of this agreement or his right to assert that claim through legal action or other means. Buying Mietkeke pays off if you have a regular driver. Ask a lawyer to develop a contract form for you.

The driver must provide no less than 2 quarerres before accepting the person. His address must be traceable. Instal Tracker in the keke. Before you buy a tricycle, use a keke mechanic for inspection as it is in a good position to advise you whether they are buying or not. Avoid inexperienced mechanics. Use a trusted mechanic to check and evaluate the keke before purchase. There are many names given to Keke, such as Keke Maruwa, Keke napep, Trycycle etc. 10.

The lessor has authorized the tenant to authorize the vehicle in his own name, in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and the rules contained in it, provided that the tenant transfers that registration to the owner, if he returns the vehicle to the owner in accordance with this agreement. I blog often and thank you very much for your information. Your article has really caught my interest. I will mark your site as a bookmark and look for new information about once a week. I also chose your RSS feed. CONSIDERING that the owner is the owner of a motor vehicle described in the schedule and that the tenant overthrew the owner to rent the vehicle, to which the owner agreed and assured the tenant that he must have and enjoy that vehicle in peace. The discouraging side of this business is that keke parts do not need cars and other engine equipment. Each piece of Keke is fully purchased, which is why its engine costs between #100,000-#150,000.