Stirling Council Tenancy Agreement

The law amends the following parts of your lease: If you can get an agreement with your landlord, you can also leave your Scottish lease at any time with the written permission of your landlord. If your landlord feels that a tenant has left the property and no longer intends to reside there, he or she can terminate that tenant for four weeks and terminate their Scottish lease. Your lease continues. The task section contains more information. The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 introduces a number of significant changes to tenants` rights in accordance with the terms of their tenancy agreement. As a Secure Scottish tenancy agreement, your landlord must give you: If you are a tenant, you usually need to obtain the consent of your landlord, free landlord or agent before you can rent the property to a tenant. With consent, the principal owner or executive representative may require you to specify references for the tenant, as well as for you and the tenant, in order to enter into an agreement to comply with the agreements included in your main tenancy agreement, known as the license. A fee may be levied for the granting of a pass authorization and your liability. We need a copy of the corresponding sections of the head lease, as well as the calendars listed on it, in order to be able to attach a copy to the lease. If the tenant has not received a copy of the corresponding sections of the main tenancy, you cannot impose obligations on the tenant.

This could lead you to violate the terms of your head tenancy agreement. It is important to note that if you ask another agent to act for you and for us, you must pay the commission due to us under this agreement, whether or not you will have to pay a fee to the other agent. If we are unable to rent your property, you can withdraw your instructions by communicating to us fourteen days of written notification that will expire at the end of the twelve weeks of the single agency or at any time after. As of May 1, 2019, all new tenants will sign a revised tenancy agreement containing all changes to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. If your situation changes (for example. B you have another child, younger children are getting older, another family member comes to live with you) and your home is crowded, you should ask the Council or the housing company to transfer another property. If we are unable to get a response from you nine weeks before the termination date of your lease, we will automatically begin the renewal process on your behalf. This page declares your rights if you have a Scottish lease with the Council, a housing company or a housing co-operative. The new law also makes changes to the way safe and short Scottish security can be fine-tuned when the tenant or a member of his household is convicted of serious antisocial or criminal conduct. A Residential Options Manager will work with a qualified resident and a willing lessor to define common terms and sign a loan agreement. The agreement contains an inventory of the devices and other devices covered by the warranty. If the resident damages documented objects, the owner can request reimbursement from the Council.

Rent arrears are also refundable. The maximum amount of fees that can be claimed is indicated in the loan agreement. This maximum is usually four weeks` rent. Under a Scottish rental agreement, you are not allowed to run a business from your home. However, if you ask your landlord`s permission in writing, they can allow you to do so, although they can also increase your rent.