Teacher Laptop Loan Agreement

Keep a record of equipment credits. Equipment management staff should record relevant information. I confirm that I have read the terms of the agreement and confirm my signature at the end of this agreement that I and the student will comply with the credit conditions. OCAD U IT Services is not responsible for backing up borrowed computers. Use Microsoft OneDrive to store working documents, don`t store oCAD U documents on the local hard drive. Check your asset registry/inventory to see how many laptops and/or tablets you have. (If you don`t have many, read our article on alternative methods to provide laptops to get a list of organizations that can help you access devices). If IT services have reason to believe that the security of your computer has been compromised or that your laptop is late for return, we will take steps to ensure the security of your laptop. OCAD U IT Services installs a management client on all of our laptops: this software allows us to invent, track, lock and update software and settings on computers.

Download our staff and student data sheet form to stay up-to-date on the equipment you`ve borrowed. Make sure they have the equipment they need – if teachers don`t have a computer to use at home, they can`t prepare things like online courses or remote work. The DfE expects schools to use online and offline resources and to teach videos. If possible, you should consider lending computer equipment so that all your students can learn from home if they need it. You may already be setting your rules for the correct use of devices in your ICT policy for acceptable use. However, you should create a separate agreement for loans so that you have a number of conditions that are quick and easy to read. I agree that the student uses this device only for educational and non-personal purposes and does not lend the equipment to anyone else. It Services, in collaboration with Finance and VP Admin, has leased a small fleet of laptops for administrative use. These computers are aimed at users who need mobility and can currently use an older computer.

IT services will be leased annually, it is important that these resources are tracked before the end of the lease and returned to IT and returned in good condition. Assistance for the laptop is provided by email ithelp@ocadu.ca via the It Services Help Desk. Accessories such as mice, adapters, cables, docking stations, external screens and other devices are not included in the delivery of a laptop and will be provided under the responsibility of the department. You`ll find frequently requested devices and accessories as well as prices in our knowledge-based article based on the supported material you`ll find here. Here`s what you need to think and do when lending laptops and tablets to staff and students so they can work and learn from home. Download our model loan form to track your equipment and download our standard loan agreement for employees and students. KeyDoc – Equipment Credit Forms for DOC staff and students, 161.0 KB Download By signing this agreement, I agree to assume full responsibility for the loan issued to the student, and I have read or heard this agreement and I understand the terms of the agreement.