Tenancy Agreement After Death

I cannot provide legal advice, but I highly recommend that you get legal advice on this matter. I have the impression that an oral agreement can be reached in NC for the lease, but I cannot say that the discussion of the purchase creates that relationship. In addition, in my research, I found no information that the rental agreement would be passed on in any way to the executor, other than the responsibility to pay an amount due and remove the personal belongings. Here too, a real estate lawyer familiar with rental properties would be the best choice. I wish you good luck and a quick solution! I hope you never have to deal with the death of a tenant, but if you do, there are certain steps a landlord must take to ensure that everything is managed legally. There are complex estate rules that apply to the death of a Rent Act tenant – a tenant protected under the Rent Act 1977. This is very different from guaranteed short-term rental agreements, since the inheritance rules apply automatically in the event of the death of the tenant. Often, a protected lease has been in place for many years, long before the introduction of the Housing Act 1988. .

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